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Gender Fluid Fashion…

Let’s talk Fashion. Gender Fluid fashion. Women have been gender fluid in their fashion for a long time. There used to be a time when women caught wearing pants would have made a stir. Not covering their arms would have been scandalous. Now nobody thinks a thing about women wearing men’s style clothes.

I am thinking of fashion that I like. I like women’s fashion. They are more comfortable and fun. Men’s clothing lacks color and comfort. I was looking up men in skirts and grabbed some images off the internet. Let’s remember in roman times men wore skirts.


In the 1700’s men wore powdered wigs, ruffles, high heels, stockings, and really pretty colors and embroidery.

18th cent

I think skirts are comfortable. I think they look just fine on men. After all they are just shorts without the leg seam. It is a piece of cloth. Here are a couple of samples.

men skirts

Marc Jacobs Wearing A Dress

I am hoping we become more gender fluid in our fashion. I hope there is a time where you will not be judged, yelled at or stared at for how you dress. There always have to be the pioneers to open up people’s minds. Maybe I might become one. I want to dress bright and comfortable in my old age. Here is to the men rocking skirts!


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Today is my fifth year on this blog! Things have really slowed down on this blog. It happens to a lot of bloggers I notice. That is a long time to try to come up with interesting things. Plus life tends to steer you in different directions all the time. We change as people and the things we like. I am just amazed I have done this blog for so long. To those of you still reading…..thanks for sticking around! I have some things in my mind to blog about so stick around. Hopefully it won’t take me five years to post them!

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Emotional Writer…..

I have discovered I am an emotional writer. I seem to only want to write when I am in angst. It’s been over a month since my last post saying I would do better about posting. My life is going really good right now…. hence I have nothing to write about. I live such a boring life, and I tend to write in the moment. When I had a computer at home I could blog as soon as I had a feeling to write. Now it is more problematic to get to a computer before my feelings fizzle. I make no more vows to do better. I will do what I can.

You may have noticed my lack of pictures also. My phone that I used for a camera is no longer in service. I went to a cheap flip phone so I don’t carry the other around with me. I am becoming very lazy tech wise these days. Eventually I will just float off into the tech nothingness. I guess in my aging I am finding things that were important and entertaining not so much that way any more. Has the same thing happened to you?

As I am aging I am finding that life is for the young. All things seem to be geared that way. So taking a back-seat and slowing down is just fine with me. I enjoy noticing the small things. I enjoy not giving a crap about things sometimes. I enjoy becoming that cranky old man. I guess maybe there is a little emotion left in me!

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Bad Blogger

So it has been 3 months I think since I did a post. I am a bad, bad blogger! I am out of the winter doldrums now. Let’s see if I can come up with some posts now.

I joined a gym! The guy who thought exercising was pushing myself out of a chair. I turned 49 in March and I just decided that by the time I turn 50 I want to look like a fitness model. I am 4 weeks in and I find I have no patience. I think I should have the body of Zac Effron by now. I can feel a difference in my body. I really think that I will do this! Here is to getting my Zac back!

I am settling into a new phase in my life. One of semi-solitude and quietness. I used to be a very social person but everyone seems to have drifted out of my life. As an older single person it happens. I used to hate being and doing things alone. I have settled into my new life and love it. I started listening to the radio less and not watch so many dvd’s. I like not having constant noise around. I have learned to do things by myself and enjoy them. Life is quiet, peaceful and really good right now.

I have some ideas for some blog topics. Some of them may not be popular or maybe they will be. You can never know how people will react. I hope to post more frequently now. I hope there is still someone out there left to read iamdonewiththat.

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Sorry it has been awhile. This winter has been very grey and depressing. So in turn I have just been staying at home doing nothing.

We finally had a day of sunshine and warm temps yesterday. I got out and enjoyed the sunshine which helped my mood greatly!

Nothing much has been going on, but I thought I would drop in and let you know I am still here. I am getting ready to redo a room so I will blog about that. I will take before and after pictures for you.

Here is to hoping the grey days of winter will be over soon!

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Let’s play a guessing game. What got me started on this? I was watching Rascal and trying to guess what he was thinking.


When he looks at me I try to guess what he is thinking. ” Boy you are weird!” “Why won’t you play ball all the time?” “I love you!” “It is so boring here!” “What a great life!” He just keeps me guessing.

Can you guess what my new favorite thing is at the moment? NO!?


My new santa lounge pants! Crushed red velour! They are so tacky they are awesome!

Can you guess what is going to happen to this wall?


Leave me a comment below with your guess. When I am done I will post a picture and you can see if you were right!

One thing I am not guessing about is my weight. Since I quit walking because of weather it is going up, up, up! No sunshine and boredom make for an eating frenzy. I must get a grip on this! It is time to get some clothes and suck it up and start walking in the cold! The fight never ends!

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Wonderful Thanksgiving….

This was the best Thanksgiving! I spent it alone and it was very peaceful. My family had a get together on Saturday so I did spend time with them. It was wonderful for the first time in 16 years not to have to worry about working black friday! So what did I do on Thanksgiving?


I broke out my records and record player. I love the sound of the needle on vinyl. I love the pops and hiss. I love that you have to interact with it. Analog….got to love it. Speaking of analog…….


I also did some reading. Being the old-fashioned type of soul I found this book very interesting. I read several other books over the weekend. I love getting lost in a book!


I also took some time to write some letters. To me there is nothing like putting pen to paper! I love that I have friends who are willing to write me back. It is so much fun to get a letter in the mail!

down and out 001

Remember my tree from last year. It had turned nicotine yellow. Well I decided it needed a little sprucing up. I grabbed a three dollar can of spray paint and….


VIOLA……I now have a beautiful gold Christmas tree! I love it!


Oh Charlie Brown Christmas tree! It is a wonderful Christmas tree….for me at least!

So yes my Thanksgiving was wonderful! Four days off…..very relaxing…..ver old-fashioned….very….well…..WONDERFUL!

Till next post.


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