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I am Still Here…

I am still here fellow doner’s! I just haven’t felt like blogging to be honest. I am up to one of my crazy schemes to keep me occupied. October 19-23 I am going to live without electricity. I just want to see what I will learn about myself from this experiment.

It is looking like fall around here

But feeling like summer.

Stay tuned to see what I learn from my great power outage!

Till next post.


I AM Floored…

I hate carpet. I know it keeps things warm, its soft on the feet, etc. I hate that it holds dirt and gets dingy. So I decided I would take up the rug in my front room knowing full well what lies beneath.


This is a carpet that my brother gave me when I moved in 7 years ago. I just layed it on top of the floor. It has served it’s purpose. I just would rather have a floor that I could sweep with a broom in between vacuums, and be able to mop it. As I suspected my good little doggies have not been so good. Looks like they went to the bathroom several times I found as I rolled up the rug.

I knew underneath was yellow glue on top of a hardwood floor. I have researched and researched an easy way to get this glue up. Answer there is not! So I will take my time and scrape up the glue a little at a time. Once a lot of the glue is up I will rent a sander as you would go through too much sandpaper with as much glue as there is.


At first I didn’t know if I could live with this ugly for that long. But I went to Home Depot and I was floored. Some of their designer flooring looked like this. Granted not this ugly, but pretty darn close. So now I am happy I have a designer floor that I can sweep and mop! Though I will be much happier when the glue is gone….I like old-fashioned hardwood floors not designer!

Till next post!


Porn, Pain, Pleasure

In the gay realm of hooking-up 50 years old is ancient. Men my age are looking for someone in their 20’s or 30’s. The younger ones if they talk to you want sugar daddies of which I am not. So when the urge hits it’s just me. I decided I would buy a porn dvd to give me a little extra something. When i watched it it made me laugh. Some of the things they do….. Like what is up with all the spitting? Also at my age there is no way in hell i can get in those positions! Dick size is also way out there. I have only seen 2 dicks that size in my life. Also due to editing it makes it look like they could just hump all day. I know i couldn’t last that long. So let’s just say there is a LOT of fast forwarding to get to where I want. Maybe it was just the dvd I bought. I did buy a cheap clearance one. I may have to buy another one to see.

Some things are going on at work that is causing me emotional pain. I keep rolling it around in my head and losing sleep. I wish I was the type of person who didn’t give a fuck. So with that thought I checked out this book.


I read it, but am going to have to read it again as I am still giving a fuck.

Given all that I went for a walk this morning. Riding the bike is too fast and I have to think about what I am doing on the trail. With walking it is meditative and you can enjoy the small things in nature. It brings me pleasure. As does this.


Seeing the birds and flowers up close brings me peaceful pleasure.

Till next post.



I would like you to meet the newest member of the iamdonewiththat household.

Meet Paney. Paney came to bring a smile to the passerby’s. Yes I have been watching too much Pee Wee’s Playhouse. #iwillnevergrowup . It’s going to be Daniel’s Gayhouse around here.

So what does one do with left over craft project crap?

Why make a necklace out of paper plate leftovers of course!

What’s new in your world boys and girls and everyone in-between?

Till next post.


The Last

You probably were thinking with my track record I was going to say this was my last post. Nope…..


This is my last glass of tea. I have decided to do a diet of boiled or baked chicken and veggies. A very strict diet. I have to get rid of my bad stuff first. I am not throwing anything out I am just using it up.

I used the last of the bread this morning. So bye bye bread. I am still working through the sugar and coffee. There is a lot of lasts to come.

I may be joining a gym here shortly. So maybe I will have a last of the fat.( Don’t know if you could feel my eyes rolling on that one).

So here is to last things as I raise my last glass of tea!

Till next post.


Gettin Kitschy Wit It…

So I have re-descovered Pee Wee’s Playhouse. It is amazing. It has also made me want to decorate Kitschy. So I went to the Dollar Tree and got some cheap crap. Cause you know it won’t take me long to be done with that. It is much cheaper to throw out Dollar crap. Here is what I came up with.

This is a door cover. I cut it in strips to make a walk through curtain like a beaded curtain.

They have packages of paper cut outs that have 8 in a package. So I am putting them all over the walls.

This was a table cloth that I just left folded as a runner.

this a picture of a couple Dollar Tree crafts I did.

I am not done gettin Kitschy with it. I will take more pics when I am done.

Till next post!



I have no idea why I try to craft. It always comes out looking like crap. Here is my latest Dollar Tree crappy craft.


So much for that. I try to come up with something to keep me occupied. I think iamdonewiththat.

Till next post.


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