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Sorry it has been awhile. This winter has been very grey and depressing. So in turn I have just been staying at home doing nothing.

We finally had a day of sunshine and warm temps yesterday. I got out and enjoyed the sunshine which helped my mood greatly!

Nothing much has been going on, but I thought I would drop in and let you know I am still here. I am getting ready to redo a room so I will blog about that. I will take before and after pictures for you.

Here is to hoping the grey days of winter will be over soon!

Till next post.



Let’s play a guessing game. What got me started on this? I was watching Rascal and trying to guess what he was thinking.


When he looks at me I try to guess what he is thinking. ” Boy you are weird!” “Why won’t you play ball all the time?” “I love you!” “It is so boring here!” “What a great life!” He just keeps me guessing.

Can you guess what my new favorite thing is at the moment? NO!?


My new santa lounge pants! Crushed red velour! They are so tacky they are awesome!

Can you guess what is going to happen to this wall?


Leave me a comment below with your guess. When I am done I will post a picture and you can see if you were right!

One thing I am not guessing about is my weight. Since I quit walking because of weather it is going up, up, up! No sunshine and boredom make for an eating frenzy. I must get a grip on this! It is time to get some clothes and suck it up and start walking in the cold! The fight never ends!

Till next post!


Wonderful Thanksgiving….

This was the best Thanksgiving! I spent it alone and it was very peaceful. My family had a get together on Saturday so I did spend time with them. It was wonderful for the first time in 16 years not to have to worry about working black friday! So what did I do on Thanksgiving?


I broke out my records and record player. I love the sound of the needle on vinyl. I love the pops and hiss. I love that you have to interact with it. Analog….got to love it. Speaking of analog…….


I also did some reading. Being the old-fashioned type of soul I found this book very interesting. I read several other books over the weekend. I love getting lost in a book!


I also took some time to write some letters. To me there is nothing like putting pen to paper! I love that I have friends who are willing to write me back. It is so much fun to get a letter in the mail!

down and out 001

Remember my tree from last year. It had turned nicotine yellow. Well I decided it needed a little sprucing up. I grabbed a three dollar can of spray paint and….


VIOLA……I now have a beautiful gold Christmas tree! I love it!


Oh Charlie Brown Christmas tree! It is a wonderful Christmas tree….for me at least!

So yes my Thanksgiving was wonderful! Four days off…..very relaxing…..ver old-fashioned….very….well…..WONDERFUL!

Till next post.


On The Hunt

Hello fellow Done-rs!

I am on the hunt! No not for deer or turkeys(I am a vegetarian after all). As you all know in my quest to become a minimalist I gave away a lot of my stuff. I have one chair in which to sit.


This lovely wicker chair I have had forever! I love it. But alas the supports on the bottom are starting to give way. I have no idea how to fix it. So I am on the hunt for a new chair or maybe a tiny loveseat.It will have to be cheap. So I will be scouring the second-hand stores till I find the perfect chair. I have it in my head what I want so it may take a while to find it. It is all about the thrill of the hunt!

With fall in full swing things have become a little slow for the dogs and I.


We tend to take a LOT of naps around here. Pour Rascal is getting old. He turned 12 in August. He has gone almost deaf and has lost sight in one eye. Doesn’t seem to bother him. As long as he has his ball(which is a little harder for him to chase now) and lot’s of petting he is fine. I hope when I start having problems like those I handle it just as well!

For some reason I woke up at the crack of dawn today. When I took the dogs out the sky was beautiful.


Beautiful pinks and blues and the moon. I guess that made up for being up so early. The beauty around us is amazing!

I will keep you updated on my hunt. You know it will have to be bright and tacky!

Till next post.


Of Time and Money….

Since it is November it brings thoughts of being thankful. I just was thinking about that today. What am I thankful for at the present moment.

Time and Money.

With my new job I have time now. It is only part-time and I am loving it. I no longer feel rushed. I don’t feel stressed. I am able to take time and enjoy things now. I am most looking forward to the Holidays because….well……I will have time to enjoy them!

With the new job comes less money. As of right now I am thankful for what I am making. It helps me not to just blindly buy “stuff” just because I can. I am able to get by and that works for me. I am able to save in other ways with that new job that I wasn’t able to before. Sometimes being poor can make you more thankful of just what you DO have!

It is so wonderful to be happy in my favorite time of year. I am loving fall. I am loving being at an easy mode right now. Things can change, but for right now I am running with what I have.

Of time and money……I have more of one than the other, but they are balancing each other out. So thankful for both!

Till next post.


Hey There….

If you are still reading this blog I am here. I am in the middle of another life change. I have a new job that I think is going to be my favorite job of all time. I just have to get through the new of it. The nerves, the sleepless nights, etc. I am a worry wart and can’t help it. Things are heading in the right direction! I will get to posting more again. I am so sorry for the long silence, but as soon as things slow down I will start posting more. Life is an adventure and right now I am hacking my way through the jungle to get to the beach! Hang on fellow done-rs……I’LL BE BACK!

Till next post.


This Is Me….

I was out for my daily walk yesterday and noticed a lot of yellow around me.

It is starting to feel like fall. It may not be here on the calendar, but I feel it in my walks. I find my walks very meditative. The birds and flowers and insects.

The crunch of the gravel and the bird songs get my mind to wondering. I was so relaxed and peaceful and content. I thought to myself this is me! This quiet, peaceful person is who I really am. The person who has to deal with people all day and gets stressed out and angry is not me. I like the meditating happy Daniel. So I am patiently waiting to change things to make him stick around. Life is too short to stay in a place that makes you someone you are not.

I take pleasure in the small things. As I was walking Nature gave me a gift.


I found this pretty feather just laying in the middle of the path. It made me happy as though someone had given me a random gift. I find myself(I know this may sound a tad bit crazy) thanking the flowers for their beauty or the birds for their song. I say it out loud. All things should know they are appreciated!

If my age were seasons then I am in the fall of my life. I love fall. It is slower and quieter and cozy. I need to change things to match my season. Patience is a virtue that I am trying to learn.

This is me…..in the fall of my life.

Till next post.



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